"Science is our guide"

"Beauty is our passion"

"Nature is our soul"

Why we love Sothys

We are serious about our skincare and therefore are proud to be an ambassador of Sothys Paris, a highly specialised skincare brand with an extraordinary commitment to research and innovation. Created over 75 years ago, Sothys has proven itself worldwide through it's unique product formulas that, still today, continue to deliver amazing results.

Outstanding results in skincare is an absolute must, but throw in luxurious textures and aromas that delight all the senses and you can see why our love affair with Sothys has lasted over 24 years. 

Le Jardin Sothys

A strong symbol that expresses the respect the brand has for nature, Sothys Gardens in France are a source of constant inspiration and bear witness to the brand’s involvement in sustainable development. Use of the regional habitat guides their botanical research and helps them to create active ingredients inspired by the Gardens.

In todays ever growing beauty and cosmetics industry, it is a rarity to know exactly where your products are sourced from. With Sothys, you not only know where your ingredients come from but that they are also of the highest quality.


The science of results

Sothys advanced research is the foundation for the brand’s scientific innovations. Its purpose is to identify and approve new active ingredients.

With the largest research facility in Europe, also known as the SOREDEC laboratory, Sothys team of biochemists and pharmacists deliver unique formulas, that are not only good for your skin health, but beautiful to use as well.

Each Sothys formula combines inspiration from nature and scientific rigour and is based on four founding principles: sensoriality, safety, efficiency and naturalness.

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What you use matters. Sothys Paris is a cosmeceutical grade skincare range designed to deliver effective and long lasting results. With active ingredients and formulations, it is important that you use the right products for you

Our team are here to make sure you get the most out of your Sothys online shopping experience. With tailored prescriptions crafted by our experts, you will know, not just hope, that what you are using is the right fit for you. 

Our Sothys online shop is set up in a way that allows us to guide you through your selection. By creating your own personal account, we can ear mark particular products and make notes to take the guess work out of your online purchase. 


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