Ask the people who matter... our clients!


"I was looking for a clinic that could offer me advice and support from home"


Recently, the girls at SkinMedix got me started on a new daily skincare routine. It’s only been a few months and I am over the moon with the look and feel of my skin!

As I am a new mum and I’m not ready to leave my baby yet, I was looking for a clinic that could offer me advice and support from home. Even though I live over 2 hours from them it really made no difference at all. I was able to have a virtual skin consultation with Tatyana and I have to say that I was so impressed with her knowledge. She came up with a treatment plan that was perfect for my skin and was easy to fit into my everyday routine.  I even received a skincare prescription which really helps to keep me on track. My products were packed and sent straight away along with a beautiful little candle as a thank you.

After having a proper consultation, I feel so excited and motivated to look after my skin. I can’t wait till I get the chance to pop in for a treatment!


"My skin is in better shape at 50 than what it was when I was 30!"


I have been a client of Skinmedix for several years now. Having been a working mum of three kids for what feels like all my life, skincare was not a priority. When the kids started getting older and more independent, I was finally able to focus on myself for a change.

Years of very, very basic skincare meant that my skin was full of milia and was not in great shape. Fast forward 10 years or so and my skin is in better shape at 50 than what it was when I was 30! How I wish I had prioritised myself a little more when I was younger!

Being extremely time poor, it is important to me that I have a routine to enhance the treatments that I am able to get from the clinic. I love that Sharon, Lauren and the team are so passionate about what they do best and they are always thinking of what the next best thing will be for my skin. 

And on top of the amazing treatments that I get from the team, the chat is always entertaining and I always enjoy my visits to the clinic!


"Truly genuine in their client care"


I’ve been receiving treatments from the SkinMedix team for over 10 years. They are truly genuine in their client care and are well informed of their treatments and products.

My skin has benefited tremendously from their professionalism. Looking forward to many, many more years of beauty care!


"The modern woman's answer to long-term and effective skincare"


Skinmedix as a brand represents to me the modern woman’s answer to long-term and effective skincare. This means quality over quantity; and at the same time a level of understanding of how my skin-care routine is evolving. As a person with a busy schedule, the treatments/visits to the salon are always a welcomed part of my ever-growing skincare routine, and is considered a main priority for my self-care.

My skincare journey started with Skinmedix over three years ago, and I always struggled to manage hormonal breakouts and inflammation because of my own health concerns. This ultimately played a massive part in my lack of self-confidence and added to the anxiety of being judged for something I thought was not within my control.

Through Sharon’s guidance and expert knowledge of skincare and treatments, I was offered advice and support to start the process to improve my skin. I was very fortunate (as all Skinmedix clients are) that Lauren was just as passionate about skincare as Sharon was, and she became a welcomed part of my journey along the way. Sharon and Lauren have always shown thoughtfulness when considering products and treatments suited to my skin, which set them at a level above the rest. Their advice never felt forced, and it was easy to see that this came from a place of genuine keen interest for positive results.

At the same time, I always got excited when they are able to provide these “lessons” to keep my mind curious, but also aware. Education and consistency is something that has proven key to my results, and this has allowed me to achieve the great results I have today, both at the salon, and while at home.

While I could continue to provide praise and adoration for the quality of products and knowledge that Skinmedix have given me over the years, it is the improvement in my confidence and self-esteem that has been the most valuable bonus gift these beautiful women have given me to compliment my improved skin and perfect dewy glow. The beautiful friendships gained are a close second!


"My skin has improved so much with a great choice of treatments"


From my first visit and consultation, I have always been made to feel welcome. My skin has improved so much with a great choice of treatments, from a luxury facial to Laser and LED. The advice and products they offer are brilliant. I look forward to each visit and always leave feeling wonderful! 


"My skin is much stronger, fresh and well hydrated"


I have been seeing the great ladies at SkinMedix for several years now. My skin was very congested, dry and super sensitive when I first started. Now my skin is much stronger, fresh and well hydrated.

The ladies take great care to treat everyone with respect and design individual programs to suit each person. Would highly recommend them, their services and products!!


"My skin is in the best shape it has ever been"


I can't recommend the team at SkinMedix highly enough. My skin is in the best shape it has ever been and the redness in my face has improved dramatically. I look forward to my monthly visit.