Seasonal Skin Checks: Why It's Time To Hit Reset On Your Skincare Routine

advice Oct 15, 2023

As we bid farewell to winter and eagerly welcome the blossoming season of spring, it's time to prioritise our skin health. A seasonal skin check is the perfect way to ensure your skin is ready for the changing climate and embrace a fresh start. Join us as we explore what's involved in a seasonal skin check and why it's essential for maintaining healthy, vibrant skin.

What's Involved in a Seasonal Skin Check?

1. Cleanse: The process begins with a thorough double cleanse, removing all makeup and pollutants that may have accumulated on your skin.

2. Skin Imaging Photos: Using advanced technology like our Observ 520 Skin Diagnostic device, we capture a series of images that reveal deeper layers of your skin.

3. Skin Analysis: Our experts carefully analyse each image, explaining what they observe at a deeper level and providing insights into your unique skincare needs.

4. Completion and Recommendations: After cleansing and analysis, we conclude with the application of moisturiser and sun protection tailored to your specific requirements. We also provide personalised suggestions for treatments and products suitable for the upcoming season.

Why Have a Seasonal Skin Check?

1. Adapting to Changing Climate: Spring brings warmer weather and increased humidity, necessitating adjustments in our skincare routines to maintain healthy, vibrant skin throughout the season.

2. Allergy Season Alert: Spring allergies can heighten sensitivity in many individuals' skins. A seasonal skin check allows us to address these concerns proactively before they become problematic.

3. Preventative Care: Winter conditions can deplete hydration levels due to factors like warm showers, heaters, air conditioning systems (and perhaps indulging in some red wine). A seasonal check helps assess the strength of your skin barrier while taking action towards its restoration if necessary.

4. Personalised Assessment: Each person experiences seasonal transitions differently; therefore, tailored consultations enable us to identify your unique concerns and create bespoke skincare routines that deliver optimal results.

5. Fresh Beginnings: Spring symbolises rebirth and new beginnings. If you've been hibernating during winter, a seasonal skin check is an excellent starting point for refreshing your skincare routine. Embrace new products and treatments to breathe life into your skin, unveiling a radiant complexion.

Now we are in the midst of Spring, don't forget to prioritise your skin health with a seasonal skin check. This comprehensive assessment ensures that you adapt to the changing climate, address allergies proactively, practice preventative care, receive personalised recommendations, and embrace fresh beginnings for your skincare routine. Book your appointment today and embark on a journey towards healthy, vibrant skin this season.


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