Your Ultimate Guide to FloraBiome: Revolutionising Gut Health for a Glowing You

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FloraBiome is a range of premium quality products formulated to support gut, mind and skin health.

The range was developed by Chiza Westcarr, and by incorporating an inside-out approach in her work as a Nutritional Medicine Practitioner and Skin Expert, Chiza has been able to help so many people who are looking to modulate stress, support gut health and improve their skin health. 

There are currently two products in the range.  Made right here in Australia from local and imported ingredients.



Calm is a wild fermented berry flavoured elixir, containing prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics, with adaptogenic herbs and antioxidants.This bio-fermented elixir, is packed full of antioxidant-rich goji berries and stress-modulating ashwagandha, rhodiola, passionflower and lemon balm.

It may assist with stress modulation, improve sleep, boost mood and reduce the dependency on alcohol. Calm also makes water consumption more interesting for those struggling to meet their daily requirement.

Calm, with its great taste and beautiful burgundy colour, makes for a delicious, enjoyable beverage. In no time, symptoms, where present, begin to improve, and wellbeing is restored, as the ‘fight or flight’ response is replaced by the ‘rest and digest’ response.

Our tip:  Swap out your favourite nightly tipple for a delicious glass of Calm. Add to chilled, sparkling water and serve in a champagne flute or nice glass. It can also be enjoyed in still water. 



Digest is an organic caffeine-free herbal tea blend, featuring a precise combination of bilberries, hibiscus, dandelion, linden and licorice. Digest is pesticide free, contains no gmos, artificial colours or flavours.

It may aid digestion and bloating, and may also calm the ‘fight or flight response’. 

Digest can be enjoyed throughout the day, after a meal, and also before bed as it may aid sleep.

It makes a perfect alternative for those wanting to give caffeine a break.

Our tip: This deep burgundy beverage can be enjoyed hot, or chilled with chopped up colourful fruit and ice, served in a beautiful carafe. It also pairs well with a dash of the Calm Elixir. This is a great way to continue to enjoy the taste and benefits of the Digest Tea once the initial brew has cooled.


Try this dynamic duo … your gut will thank you!


Some further details on the benefits of the Calm Elixir ingredients:



They have been used in Chinese medicine for many centuries, but these little berries have gained popularity in recent times and are often promoted as a superfood. Goji berries are often eaten raw or consumed in juice or herbal tea. Goji berries contain high levels of antioxidants and as much Vitamin C as fresh lemons and oranges.  They are also rich in copper, iron, selenium and zinc. In addition, they provide 11 essential amino acids. Goji berries may boost energy levels and also boost immune function.



A climbing vine that is said to have a calming effect and has been used to manage stress, aid sleep and may calm anxiety and manage hot flushes in menopausal women.



A lemon-scented herb from the mint family. Lemon Balm has traditionally been used to improve mood, anxiety, stress and ease digestive issues. It may have a calming and sedative effect.



Rhodiola is often used as an adaptogen, to help the body adapt to and resist physical, chemical and environmental stress.



The root and berry are used for medicinal purposes. It is classified as an adaptogen, meaning that it is often used to help the body adapt to some conditions including stress and anxiety. These health benefits are due to the high concentrations of withanolides, which may reduce inflammation.



Also known as turmeric root, it is a member of the ginger family. It is used for gastrointestinal problems, inflammatory conditions, hot flushes, night sweats and mood swings.



The dark purple berries are high in flavonoids which give them antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. They help protect healthy cells from free radical damage. They are also rich in Vitamin A, C and are an excellent source of fibre. Elderberries have been used for centuries as a remedy for cold and flu.



Also known as paw paw, this sweet tropical fruit is a rich source of minerals, thiamine, potassium, niacin, zinc and iron. The papaya enzyme, papain, aids digestion. The process of fermenting papaya promotes the growth of beneficial gut bacteria.


Some further information on the Digest Tea ingredients:



Has dark, juicy flesh and is similar in flavour to a blueberry. Bilberry fruit have excellent antioxidant properties and are rich in many other nutrients and beneficial compounds, including Vitamin C. Bilberries help prevent and reverse damage to cells, reduce inflammation and blood sugar levels, as well as improve brain function, fight off bacteria and improve digestion.



The dried red flowers and calyx of the hibiscus plant have been used in herbal infusions by many cultures around the world for centuries. There are numerous health benefits associated with hibiscus believed to be due to compounds called anthocyanins with the antioxidant effects.



Loaded with antioxidants beta carotene and polyphenols, Dandelion has been used historically to soothe minor digestive ailments and improve appetite.



The leaves, flowers, wood and bark of the Linden tree are used fresh or dried for medicinal purposes, including as a calming agent and to soothe the digestion. Linden may also assist sleep.



It has long been used to treat various ailments and we all know it from being used to flavour candies, drinks and medicines. Its use dates back to ancient Egypt, where the root was made into a sweet drink for the pharaohs. It has also been used in traditional medicines to soothe an upset stomach, reduce inflammation and treat upper respiratory problems. Licorice may assist with mood swings, anxiety, stress, digestive issues and a variety of skin conditions.




How do I store Florabiome once opened?

Store Calm in the fridge. There are 30 serves (or one month’s supply)

For optimal benefits it is recommended that Calm be consumed daily.

Store Digest in the pantry. There are also 30 serves in each container. 

For optimal benefits enjoy a cup 1-3 times a day.


What is the shelf life of the Florabiome products?

Both products have a shelf life of 2 years if they remain unopened. Calm has a shelf life of 60-90 days once opened. You can also refer to the individual product labels.


Where are the products manufactured?

All Florabiome products are proudly created in Australia.


Can Florabiome products be consumed when pregnant or breastfeeding?

While all products are FOOD GRADE, they have not been tested for use while pregnant or breastfeeding. Consult your healthcare provider first.


Do these products contain nuts?

They do not contain nuts. However, the third-party manufacturing plant may produce other products that may include such ingredients. The manufacturing equipment is cleaned according to food-grade standards.


Are these products gluten and lactose free?

Both Calm and Digest are considered naturally gluten and lactose-free. However, the manufacturing plant may process other products that contain gluten, so it cannot be guaranteed that the range remains completely uncontaminated.


I am fructose intolerant - can I take Calm and Digest?

Both products are made from natural, plant-based wholefoods and are naturally low in fructose. With Calm, the fermentation process reduces fructose as the bacterial metabolise the sugars and causes the foods to become much more digestible and tolerated.


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