Laser Genesis is an advanced, non-invasive form of laser technology, designed to safely and effectively rejuvenate the skin from the inside out. It works by gently heating the upper dermis well below the skins surface to stimulate collagen and elastin production.

Laser Genesis is effective in treating a wide variety of skin conditions such as diffuse facial redness, rosacea, unwanted brown spots, acne and acne scarring. It can also improve the appearance of enlarged pores, fine lines and wrinkles, skin tone and texture, and other noticeable signs of ageing.

This amazing treatment is not limited to just the face but can be performed all over the body including neck and décolletage. Laser Genesis is a gentle treatment that can be performed on almost everybody and involves little-to-no downtime, meaning you can return to your daily activities immediately. The treatment itself is very comfortable, in fact most people find it to be quite relaxing. A subtle and natural difference will be apparent after one treatment of Laser Genesis, but a series of six treatments is recommended for best results. Each session of Laser Genesis (excluding spot treatment) includes a gentle, low level clinical peel and LED light therapy to maximise the results.

Laser Genesis Face -$295
Full face to jawline
Laser Genesis Face Program of Six – $1,475
Laser Genesis Neck – $249
Full neck from jawline to collar bones
Laser Genesis Neck Program of Six – $1,245
Laser Genesis Décolletage Small – $249
Laser Genesis Décolletage Large – $295
Laser Genesis Spot Treatment – $129
May include areas such as small scars, etc.