Our main focus is to provide you with the safest and most efficacious treatment plan possible, which is why every treatment journey begins with a comprehensive consultation. Our professional therapists will analyse your skin using the OBSERV 520, a state of the art skin analysing system equipped with six comprehensive observation modes to view and analyse skin health from the deepest layer right through to the surface. OBSERV 520 captures full face, clearly defined skin images which bring to light any problems that may reside deeper within the skin and allows us to create an effective treatment plan to deliver optimal results and assess contraindications to ensure your safety. These before and after photos, with impressive side by side comparisons, allow for effective treatment progress tracking. We can also offer advice on how best to maintain your results outside of our in-house treatments. Feel free to ask our experienced professionals any and all questions, so you leave your consultation feeling completely comfortable and confident with your new treatment plan. For further information see our Skin Consultation blog post.

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Consultation/Skin Analysis – $75
Redeemable with the purchase of any treatment or product.

Laser Consultation – $60
This service includes a treatment test patch, which for your safety must be performed prior to the commencement of any laser treatment, with no exceptions.