Medi Facials

Powerful Results

Our specialised Medi Facials are the heroes of skin fitness, combining the powerful results of clinical peeling with unique ingredients and customised facial techniques.

The perfect addition to any treatment plan, Medi Facials can be performed when starting out on your skin journey, before events or to maintain skin health in between intensive treatments such as Laser.

Featured within the MediFacial range is the Sothys Institute Treatments. Each treatment has unique, patented ingredients specifically developed to address particular skin concerns.

Our Medi Facials are the perfect solution for those who are looking for outstanding results but also love a luxurious facial treatment.


SkinMedix Signature Facial $99

A classic french facial, one of life’s little pleasures and an ideal place to start your skin journey.

SkinMedix Medi Facial $149

Combining the Signature facial with a clinical peel to deliver both an amazing result and a beautiful experience.

Sothys IT Sensitive SOS Facial $149

The ultra-gentle textures of this treatment respect the sensitivity of the skin. Delivers comfort and is so soothing to skin under stress.

Sothys IT Seasonal Facial $149

A breath of fresh air for your skin. With a theme from nature that changes regularly to reflect the seasonal needs of the skin.

Sothys IT Perfect V Shape Facial $149

The perfect treatment for ’text neck’. Targeting the jawline and neck area to provide an immediate firming result.

Sothys IT Hydra 3 Facial $169

This innovative treatment features exclusive and patented ingredients and offers immediate and long-lasting hydration to the skin.

Sothys IT Pro Youth Facial $169

Specifically targeting firmness and smoothing of fine lines. A dynamic result delivering visibly younger looking skin.

Sothys IT Detox/ Energie Facial $169

Treat your skin to a burst of energy. This treatment protects your skin against the harmful effects of environmental stress and pollution which can accelerate skin ageing and cause irritation. An essential treatment to detoxify, oxygenate and energise the skin.

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