NEW LOCATION: 5 Tannery Street, Unanderra
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Public Health Orders in relation to COVID-19


1. EXCLUSION - If you are feeling unwell in any way, even if you have mild symptoms, please do not visit the clinic. Gone are the days of ‘soldiering on’.

2. CAPACITY - We have strict rules on the number of people that may be in the premises at one time. Please, come alone to your appointment, do not bring a Plus 1. It is important to punctual for your appointment. For this same reason we cannot accept any walk-ins for appointments or retail purchases. Please call ahead.

3. SOCIAL DISTANCING – Please maintain a safe and comfortable distance of at least 1.5 metres from other people. You will be guided and escorted around the clinic so as to minimise your movements.

4. HYGIENE FOR GUESTS – There is hand sanitiser available at the front door. We also have a hand washing station available. Please indicate to reception if you wish to wash your hands before using the sanitiser. We ask that you avoid touching surfaces and minimise the personal items you bring with you. You are welcome to wear a face mask during your time in the clinic. If you do, please have it in place before you arrive and remove it after you leave. Magazines have been removed from Reception and we ask you to please refrain from touching the testers. Refreshments will not be available on the trolley, please ask reception if you need anything. We also ask that you do not bring any food or drinks into the clinic.

5. HYGIENE IN THE CLINIC – Even before Covid-19 we had very high standards of hygiene in the clinic. In preparation for reopening the clinic has been deep cleaned and a strict protocol is in place for cleaning between each client. We use VIRACLEAN, a product that is TGA approved and which kills bacteria and viruses, including Covid-19. All surfaces are wiped, including treatment beds and chairs, countertops, sinks, door handles and equipment, and the EFTPOS machine. All towels are single use and laundered in hot water. Disposable, one use covers will still be used as well on the treatment beds.