EyEnvy FAQ's - Your Questions Answered

products May 18, 2020

EyEnvy products enhance the natural look of your eye area. The serum provides length, fullness, thickness and darkness to your own natural lashes. Made in Australia and of course, cruelty free, EyEnvy Australia is making its way across the globe and taking the world by storm.

Here we answer some of the FAQ’s about using EyEnvy and we’ve included some useful information about the products too.


Q: How do I apply EyEnvy?

Firstly, ensure that the eyelid is clean.  Shake the ingredients in the bottle, remove the excess product from the tip of the wand by stroking it on the neck of the bottle 3 times.  Apply EyEnvy to the lash line as you would an eyeliner, starting from the interior to the exterior area. Do not double dip. Apply only in the morning every day for 3 months, and then apply every other day to maintain results. Do not apply to bottom lashes.

Q: What if I have sensitive eyes?

We recommend usage every other day for sensitive eyes. It may take a little longer, but you will achieve results.  We recognise that EyEnvy is not for everyone. If you are sensitive or allergic to any of the listed ingredients, then EyEnvy is probably not for you.

Q: When will I see results?

Typically, most individuals start seeing results within 4-6 weeks. Full results are achieved within 3 months.  Everyone’s results may vary based on factors like age, sex and application frequency. You may also experience varying results if you are taking medication that affects your hormonal system.

Q: How do I maintain my long lashes?

After daily use of EyEnvy for 3 months we recommend applying the conditioner every other day.  For sensitive eyes apply the conditioner every third day and progress as sensitivity declines.

Q:  I wear lash extensions; can I use this product?

Yes! Because the product is applied to the skin and not the lashes, it will not interfere with the bond of the glue.  Be sure to wait 48 hours after your full-set or refill to allow the glue to adhere well. Many Lash Technicians recognise the benefits of using a lash conditioner with extensions.  The benefits of adding vitamins to the root of your lashes help to strengthen the bulb, preventing the hair follicle from prematurely falling (due to the extra weight of an artificial lash). With the added length and volume EyEnvy gives your natural lashes, the technician can successfully increase lash placement. It is recommended to apply EyEnvy every other day while you are wearing lash extensions.

Q: How long does a tube of EyEnvy last?

A 3.5ml tube of EyEnvy will last well past 6 months, when applied every day for 3 months and then every other day for maintenance. Once opened, the formula will remain active for 9 months.  Unopened, a tube of EyEnvy is good for 18 months – the expiry date can be found on the base of the tube.

Q:  Can I wear contact lenses when using EyEnvy?

Yes. We recommend inserting contact lenses approximately 15 minutes after applying EyEnvy.

Q: Is EyEnvy safe during pregnancy and/or breastfeeding?

EnEnvy has not been tested in all situations; therefore, we do not recommend using EyEnvy during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Q:  My eyes are irritated, itchy, or red from the product. What should I do?

The skin surrounding your eyes is highly sensitive.  As mentioned earlier, certain individuals may be sensitive to one or more of the ingredients in EyEnvy.  Please take special care in following the application procedure. A high percentage of irritation for most people is due to overuse or over application of the product.  If mild or moderate redness or irritation occurs, discontinue use of the product temporarily until symptoms subside.

Q:  I noticed some skin discolouration where I apply EyEnvy, should I be concerned?

Some customers have noted a slight darkening of the skin on the eyelid where they have applied EyEnvy over a prolonged period of time.  Generally, this will naturally fade with discontinued use of the product.

Q:  I have/had cancer treatments, can I use EyEnvy?

It is recommended to begin using EyEnvy 6 months after the last chemotherapy treatment.  Due to the effect of chemotherapy killing cells in the body EyEnvy will not be able to take its full effect at this stage.  Using EyEnvy 6 months after treatment will ensure more accurate and stable results. Lastly, due to heightened sensitivity from chemotherapy, you should start use under the instructions for sensitive eyes, which would be to apply the product as instructed every other day.

Q:  Can I use EyEnvy on my eyebrows?

Yes. EyEnvy may significantly improve the density of the brows.  Always keep in mind that if there has been any evidence of past trauma to the brow area, such as scar tissue, hair will not grow.

Q:  Why is it better to apply EyEnvy in the morning?

When used in the morning the eye’s lacrimal glands are more active, sensitivity is reduced leading to a healthier experience with the product.

Q:  Can I apply makeup after using EyEnvy?

Yes! You can use all forms of makeup after applying EyEnvy.  We suggest that you first apply EyEnvy to a clean lid and let dry for approximately 2 minutes. You can then apply makeup as usual, including mascara.

EyEnvy Mascara is black and not waterproof and contains a peptide that not only conditions, but helps in the lengthening of your own natural lashes.  It supports the growth of your lashes when you are using EyEnvy™ Eyelash and Eyebrow Conditioner.  

A good way to consider it is that our conditioner looks after your lash folic and the mascara looks after the hair itself.  The ion brush has a crisscross design which separates each lash adding volume and thickness. It has been proven to be very successful at supporting lash lifts as it reconditions the hair post the lash lift.

EyE-Define is an impressive black, liquid eyeliner with an ergonomic design that allows effortless manipulation and application.  Its formula not only glides easily as a water-resistant line, but also helps to make it excellent in creating precision lines.

BrowEnvy allows you to enhance your natural brows. It is smudge proof and water resistant. The fine tip pencil glides smoothly and makes it easy to add thickness to create a beautiful, defined shape. BrowEnvy features a built-in brush to smooth out lines and with no sharpener needed there is no mess.

Q:  Can I buy EyEnvy online?

EyEnvy cannot be bought online.  It is sold exclusively in clinics, salons and spas by authorised stockists. 

Q:  Are there any treatments available that will enhance my EyEnvy results?

A Lash Lift is the perfect complimentary treatment to have whilst using EyEnvy. We recommend using EyEnvy for 4-6 weeks before having a Lash Lift, as increased length and volume will enhance the result.


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